Photo Challenge Day 19

19th January 2019

Lyttelton Harbour.

A gusty nor’west afternoon in Christchurch means fast moving clouds so we went for a family walk up to the trig station on Mt Pleasant and took a few long exposure shots of Lyttelton Harbour. The sky was dark and moody and the sun was peeking behind the clouds. Shafts of light were beaming down on the ocean and the mountains were obscured by dark rain clouds. It was a bit windy at the top but it was a warm wind.

It was only 7pm so the light was still a bit bright. I used a 10 stop filter and 90 second exposure. I am still learning about long exposure and this is my first time shooting the clouds on this setting.

Looking north across Pegasus Bay
Shafts of light
Three boats waiting to enter Lyttelton Harbour

It was about 28 degrees at 8.30pm so we stopped at the infamous Redcliffs Dairy for an ice cream. It seems plenty of others had the same idea. There were so many people watching the sunset with their ice creams. The little park on Beachville Road was full of people so we drove around to Redcliffs jetty. There were still people out collecting shellfish as the sky got darker and darker.

Looking southwest at the glow of the sunset.

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