Photo Challenge Day 23

23rd January 2019

After probably the warmest night of the summer, we woke to a very hot morning. Already it was 31 degrees at 10am and it rose to 34 degrees by 2pm. A hot, blustery norwester in Christchurch followed by a southerly change. Also known as the “suck and blow” effect. The norwester sucking in the southerly change with the hot air mixing with cold air creating this amazing looking storm front. The temperature dropped from 28 to 12 degrees in half an hour.

I was standing in my neighbours carport watching the storm roll in. It was still warm, calm and no wind. As it approached, very quickly, the temperature started dropping and then the wind picked up. In a matter of seconds there were surfable waves on the estuary and leaves and debris flying through the air. A single rumble of thunder and then the rain.

Rays of sunshine – storm starting to approach
Storm front coming in from the south.
Watch out Christchurch, the storm is very close.
Almost upon us.
Storm just hitting
Time lapse

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