Photo Challenge Day 45

14th February 2019

Werq The World Drag show

Went up to Auckland to see the Rupaul Drag Race Werq the World 2018/19 world tour.

We are big fans of Rupauls drag race on tv and we listen to Rupaul and Michelle Visage’s podcast “What’s the T” religiously.

We were excited to hear that Michelle Visage was coming and that was the draw card for us. Unfortunately, she not come in the end because she had surgery to remove her breast implants which she believed had been contributing to her health issues. As disappointing as that was, we still had a great time with Asia O’Hara being the MC and our favourite drag queens Kameron Michaels and Detox putting on a fabulous show.

Asia O’Hara

Kameron Michaels



Naomi Smalls

Auckland was the last show of the tour and we gave them a very loud and excited audience. We had front row seats but the stage was a bit high so we missed some of the death drops! I did however get to touch Detox and stroke Naomi Smalls legs!

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